Here's Just A Few Of Custom Order Fusion's Amazing Features....

For the first time ever, an elegant, yet sophisticated system to create and then process orders inside Infusionsoft,
from a simple webportal. Here’s a list of the many exclusive features that were impossible or extremely tedious to do until now.

Unlimited Use

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Whether you have one person taking orders or 50, each user has their own unique login and can use the system at the same time.

Expedite Your Order Process

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You’re only three clicks from your initial order to payment processing. Our system is designed to be extremely fast and easy to navigate, so that making a sale takes seconds where it used to take minutes or more.

Give Your Outside Sales Team A Competitive Edge!

Nothing out there can help you supercharge your outside sales team like this system can. Read on to see more powerful features that come with this system.

One-Of-A-Kind Notes And Alerts System

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Our One-Of-A-Kind Notes And Alerts System really has two separate functions.

First, you can use infusionsoft tags to trigger alerts when a member of your team is entering an order.

What could this be used for?

• Expiring credit cards
• Past due balances
• Incorrect Address
• Improper E-mail Address
• Birthday/Anniversary Notifications
• And anything else you can think of!!

Our unique system also allows the creation of customer specific notes for the purpose of adding details about a given customer.

Uses include:

• Special instructions
• Common/Repeat Orders
• Instant trouble ticket creation – works with systems like Zendesk.
• And anything else you can think of!!

Calculates Tax Properly

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Our system calculates the proper tax rate no matter where you are in the world. Tax can be calculated based on region or be specific to a product. In some parts of the world different products are taxed at different rates, and our system handles that for you.

Eliminates Duplicate Data Entry

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Whether they’re in an office or on the floor of a trade show, your sales team can quickly pull up all customer data and create an order with zero typing. No typing means no data entry errors and missed opportunities.

Instant Lookup

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Find your customer in seconds by first name, last name, company name, e-mail or phone number.

Protect Your Infusionsoft

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Direct access to Infusionsoft isn’t required to process orders saving you countless dollars you’d have to spend on additional user licenses. Only the data they need to process an order is displayed, so you can prevent unauthorized access to your sensitive business information.

Detailed Owner Control

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Because you can control what fields are displayed, you have the ability to create your ideal sales system. Only show the data that’s needed and necessary.

Quick and Simple Ordering

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No longer does your sales team need to have access to Infusionsoft to process orders quickly and efficiently. All relevant customer data at your teams’ fingertips.

Free Support

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We offer free support and high quality training videos to walk to through each step of setting up this system. You’ll never be in the dark, or out in the cold.

Free Updates For Life!

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Because we host the Custom Order Fusion system on our servers, updates are automatic and fully tested prior to release. You won’t have to do anything to get the latest version.

Because we believe in supporting this community as well, as ideas come in for more features, we’ll add them and everyone will benefit.

It’s truly a win/win/win for everyone that uses the Custom Order Fusion system.

Get The Only System That Can Supercharge Your Outside Sales Team!!